Our Facilities

Our aim is to repair your vehicle back to its original condition – both structurally and visually. While one of the most important components to achieve this is our well trained, highly experienced and motivated team of specialists, their expertise is complemented by our workshop which is fitted with the best technology and equipment available for motor vehicle repair. Our facilities include –

  • Spanesi Straightening Bench SERIES 106

    The Spanesi work bench is at the forefront of today’s repair equipment, producing the most innovative body shop equipment. With highly performing and customisable products, this allows our technicians to straighten, measure and align heavily damaged vehicles back to their original specifications.

    The vehicle is positioned with a clamp and jig setup. It is the only one in the world that allows upward thrusts and the crossbars moving of the jig itself, thanks to the pinion system. Designated points under and around the vehicle are repaired to exact manufacturer’s specifications.


  • Spanesi Electronic Measuring System

    Touch and universal electronic measuring system, allows to quickly carry out a diagnosis on damaged vehicles, to realise the certification of correct reparation and to measure all the mechanical parts.

  • Inverter Spot Welder

    The high strength steels used in later model vehicles cannot be heated to high temperatures like normal steels as they tend to crack and tear. In our workshop we use an inverter spot welder that welds at cooler temperatures. This is the only recognised method of reproducing structurally sound spot welds that meet manufacturers’ specifications.

  • Sikkens Waterborne Paint System

    To finish off your repair with brilliant colour we use the Sikkens Paint System. Sikkens is a world leader in paint products and is endorsed by vehicle manufacturers internationally. No other paint product comes close to the quality and finish achieved using these technologically advanced products that have been rigorously tested to ensure they can withstand the harsh Australian conditions.

    In 2018 we made a substantial investment in refitting our paintshop to become more environmentally friendly by using the Sikkens Waterborne Paint System. Accurate texture and colour matching to the manufacturer’s specifications is achieved in our colour matching laboratory through a combination of our Sikkens computer and software system, Sikkens paint mixing machine, and their excellent training and support which keeps our team up to date on the latest advancements.
    Our Sikkens Waterborne Paint System is better for the environment.

  • Monarch Spray Booth and Bake Ovens

    To achieve a perfect, faultless finish we have two Monarch spray booths and bake ovens that employ down draft technology. These booths are specifically designed to enhance the spraying characteristics of the environmentally friendly, water-based Glasurit paints we use and to ensure that the paintwork is free from any contaminants. Vehicles are sprayed at a controlled temperature to allow the correct flow and curing of the paint. They are then baked at the optimum temperature that results in the paint achieving maximum durability and the high gloss finish seen in today’s modern vehicles.

    Our Monarch spray booths and bake ovens comply with the highest quality and environmental standards. The down draft technology means faster more efficient drying while the filtration system creates a safer workplace for our technicians and ensures no harmful material is deposited into the environment.