Ian Guppy and Co – Green Stamp Accreditation

Ian Guppy Smash Repairs is proud to be an accredited workshop under the MTA-WA (Motor Trading Association of WA) and DEC’s (Department of Environment and Conservation) Green Stamp program.

The Green Stamp Accreditation is an acknowledgment of an individual workshop’s commitment to minimising the environmental impacts associated with repairing or servicing their customer’s vehicles.

What are the benefits of the Green Stamp Program?

…for the environment

  • Cleaner waterways, including rivers, lakes and swamps.
  • Less waste products to landfill, reducing soil and groundwater contamination.
  • Cleaner atmosphere
  • Improved recovery and conservation of valuable resources

…for car owners

  • The opportunity to choose an automotive business that is including the environment in it’s operating objectives.

…for automotive businesses

  • To develop an understanding of their environmental compliance obligations.
  • Assistance to incorporate cleaner production practices into their business operations.
  • The opportunity to be recognised as industry leaders in environmental management.